Islamic banking

The essence of Islamic finance is not in the definition of "Islamic", but in the fact that there are certain rules for conducting economic activities, the basis of which is Sharia. Sharia law strictly prohibits ...


Become a leader in Islamic banking by supporting sustainable development and always be the preferred provider of Islamic financial services at both National and Regional level.

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Rejection of the concept of loan interest and the implementation of fair and interest-free banking for the benefit of the people of our country and beyond. Conducting its activities in accordance with the principles of Sharia and non-admission of operations contrary to Islamic principles.

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“To become the best, highly-rated, reliable and financially sustainable Bank of National and Regional scale, that provides qualitative, alternative, ethical and fair financial services to all segments of the population.”

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Murabaha is a transaction for the sale of goods purchased by the Bank at the request of a customer. The selling price of the goods to the customer is determined as the sum of the purchase price, taking into account direct costs plus the trade margin. Initially known to the Customer and not changing - the purchase price, direct costs and the Bank's trade margin.

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Mudaraba is a deposit in which the customer (partner) transfers his funds to the Bank for trust management. The Islamic bank, in turn, invests funds in business projects authorized by the Shariah in order to obtain profit and its distribution between the parties in the ratios specified in the Mudaraba agreement.

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Иҷора — тибқи ин шартнома иҷорадеҳ амволашро ба иҷорагир барои ихтиёрдорӣ ва истифодаи муваққатӣ

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Debit cards

OJSC “Tawhidbank” has launched a service for debit cards "T - Card", which will allow you to quickly access your personal accounts, make instant transfers from card to card, withdraw cash from any ATMs or POS terminals of the “Korti Milli” network throughout the country.

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