Murabaha - Auto Financing

Financing for individuals and individual entrepreneurs for the purchase of a new or used car


  • individuals, individual entrepreneurs (residents of the Republic of Tajikistan)
  • age from 20 to 63 years
  • used cars (produced no more than 13 years ago)
  • new cars (produced no more than 5 years ago)
  • maximum term: 36 months (for new cars)
  • maximum term: 24 months (for used cars)
  • financing currency: somoni (TJS), US dollars (USD)
  • no more than 1,000,000 TJS
  • margin / markup in TJS:
    • annuity 22%
    • fixed 12.5%
  • margin / markup in USD:
    • annuity 12%
    • fixed 6.8%


  • Not less than 30% for new cars (from 2017), secured by the car itself or additional collateral
  • Not less than 50% for used cars (from 2009 -2017), secured by the car itself or additional collateral

Required Documents

  • passport and TIN (if not indicated in the passport)
  • document confirming the client's source of income: salary certificate or business activity certificate with receipts of paid taxes for the last 6 months

The loan can be paid

  • at the cash desks of Tawhid Bank
  • in the Tawhid Pay mobile application
  • in the terminals of Tawhidbank partners JSC “Bank Eskhata”, MDO “Dushanbe City” LLC, MDO "Tamvil"
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