Debit cards

"T - Card" is the first debit card.

OJSC “Tawhidbank” has launched a service for debit cards "T - Card", which will allow you to quickly access your personal accounts, make instant transfers from card to card, withdraw cash from any ATMs or POS terminals of the “Korti Milli” network throughout the country. With "T - Card" you can pay for purchases in any stores to pay for services throughout Tajikistan.

Advantages of "T - Card":

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Hygiene
  • Financial control
  • Status indicator
  • Additional services
  • Network: "Korti Milli"
  • Maximum balance: up to 10,000.00 somoni per day
  • Cash withdrawal: any ATMs or POS-terminals of members of the “Korti Milli” network throughout the country;
  • Cash replenishment method: you can replenish your card through the cash desk at any Banking Service Centers, branches, as well as at the Head office.
  • Non-cash replenishment method: money transfers from other accounts opened with our Bank, money transfers from other banks in the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as money transfers without opening accounts.

Our services: Withdrawing cash, requesting your balance through ATMs, POS terminals, as well as through the Internet and mobile banking. Provision of statements from your account. SMS notification.

Required documents for the purchase of "T-card"

  • Passport
  • TIN
  • Filling out an individual application.

You can learn more about "T - card" by calling our call-center on short number 585 or leave a request using the form on this page.

Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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