Islamic credit cards "Sabz"

Tawhidbank offers customers Islamic credit cards "Sabz" based on the concept of "Hasan" with a limit of 3,000 TJS and 6,000 TJS with the withdrawal of a one-time commission.

This is an instrument for borrowing money from a bank multiple times. Customers have the opportunity, in case of early repayment of loan, repeatedly, but without a repeated commission, to receive funds, according to the previous limit provided (3,000 TJS or 6,000 TJS) for the remainder of the term (in total 12 months).

Islamic credit card "Sabz" can be linked to the mobile application of Tawhidbank - Tawhid Pay, which has passed the assessment for compliance with the principles of Islamic finance, also for non-cash payments.


  • individuals, residents of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • age from 20 to 63 years
  • maximum loan term: 12 months
  • minimum term: unlimited
  • only in TJS
  • the card is opened for a period of 1 to 3 years
  • limit of 3,000 TJS with a one-time commission of 365 TJS
  • limit of 6,000 TJS with a one-time commission of 730 TJS


  • a loan of 3000 TJS is considered within 1 working day
  • a loan of 6000 TJS is considered within 1 hour
  • online application
  • free card delivery
  • purchases payment 0%
  • network availability

Required documents

  • copy of passport and TIN
  • document confirming the customer's source of income: salary statement or business activity certificate with receipts of paid taxes for the last 6 months

The loan can be paid

at the cash desk of Tawhidbank

using the Tawhid Pay mobile application

in the terminals of Tawhidbank partners JSC “Bank Eskhata”, MDO “Dushanbe City” LLC, MDO "Tamvil", MDO "Payvand"

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