Unlimited Mudaraba
OJSC "Tawhidbank" is the first and only Islamic Bank in the Republic of Tajikistan, offering individuals and legal entities alternative financial services based on the principles of Sharia. One of the most functional and relevant products of the Bank is Mudaraba. By placing your funds in our bank, you have secure storage and receive a monthly accrual of the corresponding share of the investment profit. By participating in the distribution of the bank's profits, you become our business partner.
Mudaraba is a deposit in which the customer (partner) transfers his funds to the Bank for trust management. The Islamic bank, in turn, invests funds in business projects authorized by the Shariah in order to obtain profit and its distribution between the parties in the ratios specified in the Mudaraba agreement. Mudaraba is a partnership mechanism in which one of the partners (Rabbul Mal) provides capital and the other partner (Mudarib) provides knowledge and skills. The investor has no right to interfere with the day-to-day management of the enterprise. In this case, the profit received from participation in such a project is divided between partners in a pre-agreed amount. The higher the profit of the business project, the higher the return on capital for the bank and the customer. Thus, the traditional role of the Bank is complemented by elements of entrepreneurship, since the risks of the business directly affect it. Bank, acting as a Mudarib, has the ability to manage funds, and the customer receives not a fixed Bank interest, but a share of the profit from participation in the investment of the project, the amount of which depends solely on the success of the investment results by the Bank. Thus, the relationship between the customer and the Bank is united by a risky nature, partnership: on the one hand, Mudarib does not provide the customer with a guarantee of the return of the invested amount in the event of a project failure, on the other hand, it does not charge commissions for the professional management of the customer's funds.
Various types of Mudaraba have been formed in Islamic Banking practice.
The so-called “pure Mudaraba” deprives the customer (owner of capital) of the opportunity to intervene in project management.
Depending on the investment object, Mudaraba can be limited and unlimited: it depends on the customer whether his funds will be invested in a specific project or the Bank is given the right to choose an investment object.
The question of whether the customer’s funds will be invested and managed separately from the funds of other depositors or mixed is decided at the discretion of the customer.

1.2 Investment deposits (Mudaraba limited and unlimited)
Note 2: the Rate of Return on the deposit means the share of the profit received by the Bank, to be paid to the depositor as a result of further investment of the deposit funds in the financed projects, which comply with the Islamic principles of financing. The Rate of Return depends on the amount and term of the deposit.
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