Profitable Mudaraba deposits from Tawhidbank, for the first time in Tajikistan

Profitable Mudaraba deposits from Tawhidbank, for the first time in Tajikistan

OJSC “Tawhidbank” has launched a profit distribution system based on Mudaraba concept (Islamic Term Deposits) Tawhidbank is in a hurry to share one more good news both for the Bank and for our potential partners (depositors). Now Tawhidbank attracts Term Deposits according to the Mudaraba concept, with an established profit distribution system. It is worth noting that Mudaraba, a form of deposit in which the depositor transfers his funds to the Bank, which acts as a manager and invests funds guided by a wise investment policy, since the concept is based on the division of not only profits, but also losses. Profit between the Bank and the depositor is distributed in accordance with a pre-agreed ratio, which is shown in Table 1. The rate of return on the deposit means the share of the profit to be paid to the depositor received by the Bank as a result of further investment of depositors' invested funds in the Bank's financed projects that comply with Islamic principles of financing. The rate of return depends on the amount and term of the deposit. By investing your funds in our Bank, you have secure storage and you will receive the accrual of the corresponding share of the Investment profit. By participating in the distribution of the Bank's profits, you become our business partner and an indirect shareholder with the only difference that you have the opportunity to receive your profit on a monthly basis, and shareholders only at the end of the financial year. Advantages of the deposit: • reliable storage of funds and an additional investment instrument for depositors; • monthly accrual of profit share; • fast and free opening of a current account; • absence of elements of Riba, Gharar (interest and uncertainty).


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